Monday, March 10, 2008

There Aren't Many DaeQuan Cook Fans in Miami

While the Miami Heat have failed to be entertaining or competitive, they've at least been educational. Today's lesson from the NBA's worst is in economics- specifically, Supply and Demand. Now that Dwyane Wade has been shut down for the season, there's really no reason to watch the Miami Heat play (other than their dancers) and prices are plummeting. Check out some of these listings on Ebay:

4 tickets in the 3rd level, center court, minimum bid $10. No takers.
2 tickets in the lower level, baseline, minimum bid. $25. Pass
4 tickets, 3rd level vs the mighty Knicks. High bid $2.25

Unless there are seats that include lapdances from Heat Dancers or Smush Parker, it's going to be an even emptier arena than usual in Miami this March.

On the bright side for Miami sports fans (does such a species still exist?), at least the failure of the Heat gives you an opportunity to save up for Marlins tickets this spring. So, that should be nice.

Btw, I've been having trouble uploading pics to my server via blogger lately. Tragic, I know.
Update, 9:45 pm: problem has been fixed.



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