Friday, April 28, 2006

Bayou Backup

The Saints have signed Jamie Martin to be their backup QB. The person happiest about this news has to be Drew Brees, as this should reduce the chances that the Saints will draft Leinart or Young with their first pick overall. Brees has had to spend the last few years looking over his shoulder as Chargers' management tried to hand the job to Philip Rivers. Now it looks like he might actually have a front office that supports him. This will be even more evident if the Saints draft D'Brickashaw Ferguson with their first pick. (I know I said I was sick of the draft, and now I'm talking draft...I have a disease.) I've always liked the way Brees approaches the game, and if God is done playing with Drew's labrum, I think he's poised to have a good season in 2006-07. Well, good by New Orleans standards, which is to say he won't completely embarass himself.


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