Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wrapping Things Up

-It's a bit of a slow week in sports, so while my productivity may have tapered off recently, there are still some great links across the interweb. Here are just a few of my favorites:

-Complete Sports has found some great clips of some of the best tirades by NFL coaches.

-Pacifist Viking has some really thought-provoking commentary on Peter King's recent proclamation against Terrell Owens. Dammit, I hate it when people make me think!

-USC alum Jack Del Rio had to pay off a bet to Bruin Maurice Jones-Drew after UCLA's 13-9 triumph over the Trojans.

-Ever been reluctant to vote because you felt like you wouldn't really make a difference? Well, here's an opportunity where your choice could actually have an impact. It's the NBA D-League All-Star ballot! This is part of an actual message that I received from the NBA after submitting my votes (Ryan Hollins, Dijon Thompson, Marvin Williams, who are having good years so far, and then whoever else I'd actually heard of):

Being named a starter is one of the greatest individual accolades a D-League
player can receive because it represents your voice.

Actually, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that being summoned out of the D-League is the greatest accolade a player can receive.

-I'm extremely jealous of Adam (of Hater Nation) and Zach's (The Big Picture) new roles for the AOL FanHouse. But nonetheless, I'm still a big fan of their work. Their latest stuff is here:

-Any UCLA fan has got to check out Larmz's UCLA/USC video (you may want to right click and save to your hard drive- it's about 34 MB). I was going to wait until the final version was ready before posting since there are a few items which need to be cleaned up, such as an error on the date. But the overall quality is just so amazing that I couldn't wait to share it. If you're a Bruins fan and watching this video doesn't make you a little bit emotional, then I just don't think we can be friends anymore. (Thanks to BruinsNation and Bruinville for the find.)


At Fri Dec 15, 09:18:00 AM PST , Anonymous NFL Adam said...

Thanks, G! We appreciate you stopping by. And I promise, Monday or Tuesday, I'll make that post about the Mountain West being a three-bid conference.

At Sat Dec 16, 12:54:00 AM PST , Anonymous twins15 said...

When I'm not at school I'm actually in a D-League market... awful, awful games and I don't recommend going to them unless your only alternative is like the WNBA. Of course, I was only there when it was the CBA and not the D-League yet, so maybe things have changed, but I doubt it.


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