Monday, February 26, 2007

Brian Butch Briefly Becomes Double-Jointed

For those that missed it, here is Brian Butch's injury during Wisconsin's loss to Ohio State. The same injury for which Sportsline's Gregg Doyel mocked Butch for crying. I don't know what Doyel is mocking- just seeing this clip on tv made me shed a few tears. The initial diagnosis was a dislocated elbow. Actually, that was the secondary diagnosis. The intial one was, "AaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhOHMYGODDDDD!!!"

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At Mon Feb 26, 10:30:00 PM PST , Blogger twins15 said...

You're not going to find me watching that replay at all... I saw it once during the game, and that's all I can talk. Gosh that was ugly.

At Mon Feb 26, 10:32:00 PM PST , Blogger insomniac said...

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At Mon Feb 26, 11:09:00 PM PST , Blogger insomniac said...

Yeah it was rough for me to watch it just when I was transferring it to the pc and piecing it together.

I think if Dwyane Wade had suffered that injury, they would have had to take him off on a stretcher.


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