Thursday, March 22, 2007

Patriots Cheerleaders May Need Help Oiling Up

This might be old news that I just missed while I was out. It seems like the kind of thing that With Leather would have been all over. So if this is indeed outdated, I apologize.

The New England Patriots recently began their auditions for this year's cheerleading squad. An initial group of 300 has been reduced down to 55. These girls will compete with the existing squad in April to determine the final composition of the 24 girl team. Once the roster is finalized, the cheerleaders will be off to Punta Cana to shoot their 2008 calendar. Accompanying them on the April 28 to May 5 shoot will be a video crew to document the magic.

But why should the camera crew get to have all the fun? Now you can stalk and ogle the Patriots cheerleaders too! An online travel agent has put together a package so that the average horny Joe can stay at the same resort as the Patriots girls while they shoot their calendar. For the low, low rate of $690 for 5 nights with air included (from NYC), any loyal NFL fan can troll the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana in the hopes of stumbling across a cheerleader bikini photoshoot (wow, those three words look beautiful put together.) And even if you don't see the shoot itself, chances are pretty good that you'd run into a few girls working on their tans by the pool. Plus, it's an all-inclusive resort, so it won't even cost you anything extra to order Ashleigh vanGerven (pictured) a drink.

Sure, it might at first seem a little creepy and sad to fly to the Dominican Republic just to try to see a few cheerleaders in their bikinis. But I think the sadder alternative is not trying at all. So have a great trip. And send me lots of photos. And just a word of advice- when you talk to a hostess in the Dominican, make sure you say Punta Cana and not Puta Canta, or you might have some strange results.

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At Thu Mar 22, 01:32:00 PM PDT , Blogger Scrap said...

That's the best story I have looked at, I mean read, today!


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