Friday, March 02, 2007

Warm Fuzzy Thoughts About Sports and Hotties

I'm writing this from the fireplace lounge of my hotel in Yosemite National Park. Having just spent the morning hiking the trail to Yosemite Falls, I've been overcome by a sense of peace and tranquility. It must be the same kind of feeling that allows Jim Nantz to think of everyone in his viewing audience as his friends. Or maybe it's just the brandy talking.

While the nature walks are nice and all, I was just as pleased to find out that my hotel room had Fox Sports, so I was able to watch UCLA clinch the Pac-10 title outright at Washington State. While Ben Howland is primarily known as a defensive coach, it's been great to watch his offense mature as the year has progressed. As a Bruins fan who had to endure the Lavin years and watch the exact same offensive set time and time again (small forward runs the baseline while ball is swung around perimeter until finally a guard tries to break down his man), it's so refreshing to see a team run multiple sets, each of which have many options. I quite enjoyed that.

Here are some other enjoyable things on the net:

With Leather has posted the first video that has ever made me want to watch soccer.

MJD presents the defendant's case in the ongoing Pacman Jones strip club saga.

After seeing this posting on The Hater Nation, it now makes sense why Carl Pavano would much rather stay home on the DL than actually pitch in the majors again.
(Update: WBRS Sports Blog has more information on the reason for Pavano's disappearance.)

The M Zone thinks that USC's streak of dominant recruiting may be coming to an end. (Tho as long as their competition in Southern California is Karl Dorrell, I think they'll be ok.)

Melissa Stark is my sleeper pick to win the sideline reporters' tournament at The Big Picture. Her first step towards victory begins now.

I haven't actually read this post at The Sports Dad, so I can't tell you if the actual text is any good. The photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt's chest however is mesmerizing.

Pacifist Viking believes that Drew Bennett should be a top priority for the Vikings to target in free agency.

I've been a little too consumed with basketball to start thinking about baseball yet (tho that will change next weekend when I go to Spring Training.) Complete Sports however has a nice primer for anyone participating in a fantasy baseball league this season.

And finally, if you haven't been to Deadspin today, this photo makes me want to buy an Urlacher jersey.

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At Sat Mar 03, 04:46:00 AM PST , Anonymous Sanchez said...

That Urlacher picture is Ace man.All of a sudden I'm starting like him.

Notice the way that the chick's boobs are so full of silicone that she doesn't even notice!

At Mon Mar 05, 08:32:00 PM PST , Blogger Zach Landres-Schnur said...

whoa! Hewitt looks totally "can't hardly wait" hot in that picture. man, i'd take her in that photo over pavano's broad.

At Thu Mar 08, 09:07:00 AM PST , Blogger NFL Adam said...

Did the IP get you too?


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