Monday, March 10, 2008

UCLA Has One Helluva Home Court Advantage

Want to know the real reason that UCLA received some favorable calls at the end of their last few games (although Berkeley fans have since admitted that the Anderson non-foul looked legit)? It has nothing to do with the mystique of Pauley Pavilion or a Pac-10 conspiracy to ensure that the conference had a team with a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament. No, the real influence over the minds of the zebras came from another set of UCLA representatives. Captured (albeit blurry) here is the one time the refs didn't miss the action on the court:

Hey, Libbey- Is that a whistle in your pocket or are you just happy to still have a job?

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At Tue Mar 11, 09:42:00 AM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

is there anymore of those shots???


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