Friday, March 17, 2006

Another Day of Action

So far, I've only got one bet working today. I'm a little worried because it looks like a "lock", which is pretty much the kiss of death for me...

Michigan State -4 vs George Mason. The Spartans have been inconsistent this year, but if there's one thing Tom Izzon can do, it's prepare a team for the NCAA tournament. Last year's team made a run to the Final Four, and I think this year's team can make a similar run. Paul Davis should have a field day against George Mason, whose tallest starter is 6'-7". The Patriots will also be without their second leading scorer and ball-buster Tony Skinn, who is suspended for this game after sending his knuckles into a Hofstra player's groin. This game is also being played in Dayton, Ohio which is a relatively short drive from Flint. This looks like a blowout to me. Am I overlooking something? Only one way to find the house!

(Thanks to the MightyMJD for the screen cap)


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