Saturday, April 29, 2006

We've Got Bush!

This isn't going to be a "live blog" of the NFL draft as much as a "whenever I feel like it" blog. For live blogs, I recommend checking out MJD over at Deadspin or the Landres Twins over at The Big Picture.

I've only got the ESPN feed, so I don't know how long I'll be able to stick w/ Berman until hitting the mute button. Fortunately, Michael Irvin' craziness might make up for it all.

Most recent thoughts at if you're reading this for the first time, you'll have to start at the bottom and work your way up. It's pretty annoying, I know....sorry for the lack of foresight on my part.

-Shit...Zach posted the same crying did MJD. We must all be getting our jokes from same bloggers central database. Screw it...I'll just recap later tonight...

-Don't worry Vernon...I'd cry if I had to go play for that Niners team too.

-ESPN shockers: Mark Schlereth loves it when the Jets draft an offensive lineman. Tom Jackson loves it when the Packers draft a linebacker. If the Niners follow this up by drafting a birthday party clown, then even Chris Berman will have someone to love.

-Kiper seems a bit off his game today. Wonder if he's feeling some pressure from the NFL Network coverage?

-Doh..I just saw that MJD also had the Bush Bandaid line. But Kolber and Bush doing a 69? That's all me, baby!

-Norm Chow has shown how little influence he has over at Tennessee with the selection of Vince Young. I wonder if they'll still let him call plays?

-I'm disappointed that Reggie Bush didn't wear the "619" bandaids to the NFL draft. One person that isn't disappointed- Suzy Kolber. She's been giving Reggie Bush the "fuck me eyes" all morning long. I think she wants to get to the green room and take the "1" out of 619.

-I have to give credit to Adam Schefter at for being the first one to break that the Texans were serious about drafting Mario Williams. Nice job, Adam. Turns out you weren't full of crap afterall.

-Chris Mortensen has broken a broadcasting record for use of the word "allegedly" in his report on the Reggie Bush scandal. (Side note...about a year ago, I moved out of the neighborhood that Reggie Bush's family was living in until recently. It's a nice gated area, but it isn't anything that you'd want to feature on Cribs or anything.)


At Sat Apr 29, 05:10:00 PM PDT , Anonymous The Big Picture said...

ooh, gold star for the 69 comment!

At Mon May 01, 11:12:00 AM PDT , Anonymous NFL Adam said...

Good stuff. I'm surprised that I didn't come up with the Bush eye-patch joke, too. I hate getting scooped.

At Mon May 01, 11:17:00 AM PDT , Anonymous insomniac said...

Thanks. I thought I'd be able to live blog the entire first draft. But after a late Friday night, I opted for taking 15 minute naps between picks instead. That ESPN "draft alert" sound makes a great snooze button.


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