Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's Going to Suck to be a Sports Fan in Bratislava

Today, Bill Simmons posted his ideas for 33 (thank god he found a way to throw in a Bird reference) ways to fix sports. The column was prompted by a reader's email, which is fitting because the Sports Guy totally mailed in his effort this time around. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I mail in my posts all the time. But unless you're a diehard Sports Guy reader (or just really bored at work), you most likely won't make it to #27, which is the only reasonably entertaining item in the list:

27) My bosses won't allow me to say which six announcers I would deport to Eastern Europe, but here are their initials jumbled together backwards: WBMABCMJMTBJ.

Let's see if we can solve this little puzzle:

JB: Joe Buck
TM: Tim McCarver
JM: John Madden
CB: Chris Berman
AM: Al Michaels?? Could he really want to deport the only announcer who acknowledges the betting line during a game?

"BW" has me stumped tho. Maybe it's a local east coast guy that I've never heard of. For some reason, the only person I can think of with the initials BW is Bill Wennington, who as far as I know probably isn't announcing anything other than flight arrivals at the O'Hare airport. Can anyone help me out here?

By the way, I can't believe there's no JT (Joe Theisman), CC (Cris Collinsworth), or SS (Sean Salisbury/Stuart Scott) in the list. After Chris Berman, those would be the first names on my INS list.

(Update: Reader JSon has solved the final monogram. BW=Bill Walton. I agree with JSon's sentiments: "...which goes to show ya Boston guys takes their sports too seriously. Really, how can ya love Hubie Brown for his idiocy and not love Big Red’s lunacy?")

(2nd update 8/14: NFL Adam points out that JM is Joe Morgan. My only explanation for missing that is that I've tried to erase any Joe Morgan experiences from my mind.)


At Wed Aug 09, 10:29:00 PM PDT , Anonymous House of Sports Blab said...

I'm shocked that there was no "SAS" on there for Stephen A. Smith. It's pretty much been implied that Simmons can't stand the guy, isn't it?

At Wed Aug 09, 11:19:00 PM PDT , Anonymous insomniac said...

Absolutely. Maybe Simmons was afraid that SAS was crazy enough to hunt him down and fight him to defend his and Isaiah Thomas' honor...

At Mon Aug 14, 02:30:00 PM PDT , Anonymous NFL Adam said...

JM has to be Joe Morgan.

Also notice in that story, the Dork talks about "the Trades" to let everybody know he is a Hollywood Insider.

At Mon Aug 14, 03:14:00 PM PDT , Anonymous insomniac said...

You're right. JM absolutely has to be Joe Morgan. I'm embarrased that I overlooked such a god awful announcer.


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