Friday, October 27, 2006

Sometimes this Synergy Stuff Actually Works

Lost in the announcement a few weeks ago that Google had purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion was that YouTube had also reached an agreement on distribution deals with many companies that same day. One of the companies was CBS, which agreed to offer, among other things, short segments of sports programming on YouTube. This programming has already begun, as CBS has released many clips from past NCAA tournaments on to YouTube. Here's my personal favorite:

They also have the clip from Princeton beating UCLA in the tournament on a back door play the following year, which is really odd, since I could have sworn that year never happened.

..and just to show that I can appreciate the one good thing that USC has to offer, here's another clip courtesy of the YouTube-CBS-CSTV agreement:

Hmmm...suddenly 1.65 billion isn't seeming like such a bad deal afterall.


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