Thursday, October 26, 2006

No Tigers, But the Lion Comes in a Couple Days

So, raise your hand if you were really disappointed that game 4 of the World Series was rained out last night. neither.

This probably isn't a good indicator for MLB, but with the series on hold for at least a day, I ended up renting Grandma's Boy, and found it far more entertaining than any of the first three games of the fall classic. Tho it's not a really a fair comparison. One has a couple of boobs and some messed up language, and the other is a jacked up comedy featuring Linda Cardellini.

Don't judge me, monkey.

In other sports' news, the Oakland A's interviewed Orel Hershiser as part of the MLB affirmative action policy which requires that at least one pasty white guy be given a meeting for any managerial vacancies.


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