Friday, October 13, 2006

That David White Kid is Good, Too

Since this illness of mine has been lingering, yesterday I opted to try some alternative medicine. Instead of using store bought cough syrup, I went with a few doses of kentucky bourbon. I'm not so sure how well it worked as a cough syrup, but it did a hell of a job as a "what day is it?" syrup. Anyway, here are a few observations from what I can remember of the playoffs:

Tim McCarver summed up the NLCS best. The #1 priority for the Mets pitching staff is to not let Luis Pujols beat you. Take care of Luis, and the world is yours.
(Btw, congrats to Fox on finding the only announcer in the world that still wasn't familiar enough w/ Albert Pujols' work to get his name right.)

If Fox ever wanted to stop using McCarver for broadcasts, but for contractual reasons, were unable to fire him, all they would have to do is instruct him to take the subway to a game. He'd end up getting disoriented as soon as he got to the station and would be riding cars back and forth for the rest of his days. It wouldn't even be that sad for McCarver, as I'm sure he'd confuse passengers for old ballplayers and interview them until the train came to a stop, at which time he'd pause for a commercial break.

Couldn't Fox have warned us before they introduced Luis Gonzalez to the world with a close-up low angle shot? It's bad enough that all the parents watching have to cover up their little kids' eyes for the commercial of Grudge 2 that comes up between innings, now they have to worry about their 4 year old waking up in the middle of the night screaming, "Mommy, mommy, that crazy bald man is under my bed!"

If a reptilian alien species landed on earth, and in an effort to hide their presence, they disguised themselves as humans, I think they would probably end up looking something like Jeanne Zelasko.

Joel Zumaya may be out with a wrist injury. Trainers have said that the injury comes from his unique grip which allows him to defy physics and throw the ball 247 miles per hour (as registered only on the ESPN gun).

Did all the Mets fans agree not so shower until their team was eliminated? The crowd shots at Shea made me even more frustrated that the Dodgers and Padres couldn't pull of any victories. It would have made for a much more pleasant viewing experience between pitches.

I thought I was rooting for the Mets in the NLCS, only because I've always liked Billy Wagner and Tony LaRussa is in the exclusive club of managers that I root against because they've bought into their own "genius" label (joining Mike Shanahan, Brian Billick, and Bill Parcells). However I was also a fan of the Cardinals back in the Vince Coleman 80's, so there was a chance I could be swayed back. That might have happened when I repeatedly heard the PA system at Shea playing the "Everybody clap your hands" segment from the Cha-Cha Dance, which is at the same level of "Who Let the Dogs Out" in its power to make me turn away from a team. It's only a matter of time before a team decides to bust out with "Chacarron" when they need to inspire their team:

Actually, I think that would be perfect for any team led by Grady Little.


At Fri Oct 13, 03:17:00 PM PDT , Anonymous The Big Picture said...

you know mccarver messed up pujols' name b/c he was distracted by joe buck tickling his balls.

At Sat Nov 04, 05:22:00 PM PST , Anonymous sbbmx said...

the mets use that


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