Saturday, October 07, 2006

Quick Picks

This post is most likely going to be of little use with how late it is, but just to get my weekend picks on the record, I'm going with:

Arizona +12 at UCLA. Despite the final score, UCLA struggled offensively last week. The Bruins really have no clue what they're doing once they enter the red zone. There may be a revenge factor for UCLA after last season's embarassing loss at Arizona. But there's a big difference between seeking revenge, and actually being able to do anything about it.

Tennessee -2 at Georgia. It's Georgia's inexperience at QB that's making me go with the Vols on the road today. The Tennessee defense might be able to outscore Georgia's offense on their own in this one. A few big defensive plays early could take the Georgia crowd out of the game and make thing much easier for Ainge and company on offense.

Notre Dame -29.5 vs Stanford. Stanford can't score and that can't stop anyone from scoring. Not a good combination. This is also a good game for Brady Quinn to get his name back in the Heisman talk.

Oregon at Cal UNDER 61.5. If the running back don't break too many and the game comes down to Nate Longshore vs Dennis Dixon, then it won't be the scoring fest everyone expects.

I have no clue who to go with in the LSU/Florida game, but I would like to suggest that ESPN keep their gameday crew in Gainesville in perpetuity. Despite the disappointing decision by the Gators cheerleaders to no longer wear the garter with their uniforms, this is still be far the most attractive pregame crowd of the season.

On to the NFL:

Indianapolis -18 vs Tennessee. A home game against an overmatched, undertalented defense- this is the kind of game that Peyton Manning feasts on. Since he can call his own plays, he'll call his number to pad his stats all game long, regardless of the score. The Titans defense made Drew Bledsoe look good. Just think what it will do for Peyton Manning. Indy 41, Tenn 10.

New Orleans -6.5 vs Tampa Bay. Somehow I missed this last week with Vince Young, but it's usually a pretty safe bet to always bet against a rookie QB making his first start. When that QB is named Bruce Gradkowski, it's a no-brainer. This is the game when people realize that the second half of the season is going to be really ugly for the Bucs.

St. Louis at Green Bay under 46. The problem with betting the under in a game involving the Packers is that Brett Favre can always screw things up with a pick 6. But I think this will be a long grinding sort of the game.

Last week: 6-1
YTD: 23-24-1


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