Monday, September 25, 2006

Back to the Bayou

I hope I'm the first of the 125,000 people who will make these jokes.

"Atlanta calls tails. It is tails. George H. Bush does not care about the New Orleans Saints!"

In lieu of a bodyguard, G.H. Bush just asked that Ed Hochuli be the head official for the coin toss.

In all seriousness, I think they were pumping in canned cheering for Bush the father over the PA system. The cheering noises I heard were less convincing than the laughter on a 70s sitcom.

To think that a little over a year ago, this field was covered by homeless refugees, and today it's filled with dozens of millionaires. What a country!

Remembering the uproar a year ago when it was discovered that there was no food or water in the Superdome, stadium officials have made certain that everyone in the building can get a hot dog, fries, and a beer...all for less than 20 dollars!

Crossing the line from playful cynic to genuine asshole, looking at the New Orleans fans in the's hard to believe that anyone here was ever starving.

I bet against a home dog on Monday Night Football coming off of a 17 game road swing after a natural disaster. Man, I'm an idiot. But you already knew that.

A personal pet-peeve. A hand-off to a wide receiver is known as an end around. If the ball is then handed to an offensive player going in the opposite direction, that is a reverse. It must be handed once more to someone going in the direction of the original play to be a double reverse. Please forward this message to Tony Kornheiser and Stuart Scott.

As was pointed out by Zach from The Big Picture, Spike Lee was disappointingly soft and politically correct in his visit to the ABC booth. He was right about one thing- it's amazing how much concern we have for international issues all while neglecting our own American citizens. But I was hoping Spike would step a lil more and be the man, instead of just a struggling black man trying to keep his d*ck hard in a cruel and harsh world.

You aren't going to believe this, but Chris Berman started the halftime show by quoting lyrics from a 70's song.

They decided to provide aerial coverage for the game, even tho all of the players are running around inside of a dome. Aerial coverage of New Orleans was provided by a blimp. Goodyear? No, the worst.


At Mon Sep 25, 07:23:00 PM PDT , Anonymous The Big Picture said...

what a strange guy to have flip the coin. hmm. and spike lee was far too politcally correct when in the booth. weak.

At Mon Sep 25, 07:33:00 PM PDT , Anonymous insomniac said...

Yeah, I was surprised by how soft Spike Lee was in the booth.

At Mon Sep 25, 08:29:00 PM PDT , Anonymous jetleeroy said...

i noticed a lot of fatties too!
btw, since you're criticizing scott and kornheiser's "double reversal" call, i'll be a jerk and point out that "asshole" is actually two words...:D

At Tue Sep 26, 06:33:00 AM PDT , Anonymous Pacifist Viking said...

Imagine listening on the radio and hearing "double reverse" repeated again and again, and knowing that announcers always botch that. I was in my car with no idea what the hell just happened.

At Tue Sep 26, 02:19:00 PM PDT , Anonymous jetsgrumbler said...

didn't watch the game. did they throw tomoatoes at bush? isn't this the first time he's been there? its like he's admitting that he couldn't be bothered to visit after worst natural disaster in US in last 50 yrs, but i can make it for a sporting event.

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