Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Nightcap

Tonight's Nightcap is brought to you by Fashion House star Natalie Martinez. When she's on the tv, no alcohol is required to catch a little buzz...

Reggie Bush may not have had an opportunity to display a touchdown celebration yet, but he has already shown that he can make an All-Pro press release that says nothing while denying everything. When asked to respond to the latest allegations that his family received over 100k in benefits while he was at USC, Bush unleased this barrage of cliches:
"It is what it is. People are going to say what they gotta say. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. It's a free country. So um, ya know, it is what it is. I'm focused on football now. I'm not worried about any of these allegations, because I know what the truth is. Once the smoke clears, everybody's going to see we did nothing wrong."

Of course, it would help clear the smoke if Bush were to actually provide some of the clarity himself. But what Bush really wants is for the smoke to linger long enough that people lose interest in the underlying scene and move on to something else. It's possible he'll get his wish. The Mighty MJD has already moved on. MSNBC's Michael Ventre, however, tells Reggie that he has broken his heart.

The reality is that while Bush's benefits may have been on a bigger scale than most, they likely aren't all that uncommon amongst all of the high profile college football programs. The NCAA might be able to administer the occasional sanction to try to make a statement, but really, they're powerless to stop these transactions from taking place. The only ones with the ability to put an end to agents and marketing reps offering gifts, cash, etc. to college athletes is federal legislators who could make it a criminal act to make such gestures- akin to a bribe. Perhaps if a few agents found themselves in jail for a few years, the rest of the leeches would pause before giving a player free use of a corporate credit card...

In a related story, Victor Conte has now reportedly admitted that Barry Bonds had very detailed knowledge of exactly what Balco products he was putting in his body. This should just add more fuel to the rivalry between Northern and Southern California residents as Giants fans and USC fans compete to see who can entrench themselves in the deepest denial regarding the misdeeds of their local idol...

40 year-old Greg Maddux and 43 year-old David Wells were involved in a good old fashioned pitchers' duel Friday night. Maddux even had a no-hitter going into the 7th inning until 46 year-old Tony Gwynn broke it up with an opposite field single. The Dodgers however got the last laugh when Steve Garvey drove in Davey Lopes for the winning run...

I doubt anyone other than Toledo alums and myself watched tonight's game against Kansas in which it seemed like nobody wanted to win. The final possessions in a 31-31 game went like this: 3 and out, 3 and out, end of regulation, turn over on downs (on a 4th and goal from the 25 in which the Toledo coach inexplicably went for it rather than try a 42 yd FG), fumble, INT, and finally a TD. This game couldn't have been any sloppier if they'd elected to decide the game with an eating contest between rotund coaches Mark Mangino and Tom Amstutz.
(By the way, this is by far the biggest contrast I've ever had between two pics in one post.)

Ever since Esteban Loaiza decided to have a drink or two or ten and go racing on the freeway, the A's have banned beer from the postgame spread in both clubhouses. It turns out this has actually been a successful bit of psychological warfare as White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen was livid that he couldn't have a beer after his team lost to the A's Friday night. I don't know if he's upset that he can't drink to forget that his team might not make the playoffs a year after winning the Series, or if it's just that he won't have the built in excuse of having thrown back a few if he gets the urge to call a beat reporter a fag, which- and many people don't know this- in Venezuela means any guy who stands between you and your beer.

Hey, that last comment had derogatory epithets, references to alcohol troubles, and had minor cultural and racial undertones. I think that means I'm ready for Reno! Next post will come sometime Sunday. Enjoy your weekend.


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