Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tar Heels Show No Mercy

Arizona is getting an absolute spanking from the Tar Heels today, and North Carolina doesn't even have Brandan Wright available today.

North Carolina has been quicker and more aggressive all game. Maybe the 10 AM start hurt them, but Arizona has to come to terms with the fact that they just aren't that good right now.

This is now five losses in the last seven games for Arizona. Lute Olsen, to his credit, is responding to this latest embarrassment with class and dignity. Oh who am I kidding? He's screaming and stomping around like always.

(One thing I will give Arizona credit for. Even down 27 points, the McKale Center crowd is making a decent amount of noise. I'm impressed.)

At 14-6 overall, but 5-4 in the Pac-10, Arizona is now creeping into bubble territory. Hard to imagine from a team that's been in the top 15 for most of the season. But with the way the Wildcats are playing, a 19-11 finish to the regular season seems very plausible. Will that be good enough?

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At Sat Jan 27, 11:45:00 PM PST , Blogger twins15 said...

Man, what a beating that was... what happened to the talented Arizona team everyone thought had a great chance at the Final 4?

At Mon Jan 29, 12:28:00 AM PST , Blogger Zach Landres-Schnur said...

arizona better withOUT marcus williams???

At Mon Jan 29, 12:32:00 AM PST , Blogger insomniac said...

The Wildcats won't have more talent without Williams, but they certainly could be a better team. All season long, it's looked like Williams' sole intent on the court has been to show off for the NBA scouts.


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