Thursday, August 23, 2007

Life Lessons From Bill Walton and MJD

While I miss the unadulterated, irreverent genius of, the creator and madman, MJD, is still able to put together moments of brilliance in the sanitized environment of the AOL FanHouse. One such moment came from his recap of the Team USA matchup in the FIBA tournament versus Venezuela :

Being that this game has been a blowout since the opening tip, Bill Walton is going off on a tangent about Donaghy, Michael Vick, all the ridiculous things that have happened this summer in sports. He says, "Forty years ago when I was a teenager, we had the summer of love. This is the summer of madness!" And you know, he's right ... Sometimes, I think we'd all be better off if Bill Walton was in charge. Michael Vick makes dogs fight, and instead of outrage and protest and prison sentences, we'd just get like 100 people to show up at his house, each of them hug him, get him high, drop some LSD, explain that dogs are beautiful creatures, and then we'd pet them and give them Snausages, and when they went to sleep, we'd all just take our clothes off and see where the night takes us. It's a better way to do things.

MJD is a wise man. Not wise in the way that you'd ever want him near your children or setting public policy. But wise in a "he'd be a good guy to have sitting at the bar while you drink away your problems" kind of way. He's like King Solomon...if Solomon was belligerent and horny.



At Tue Aug 28, 03:44:00 AM PDT , Blogger mjd said...

King Solomon WAS belligerent and horny, he just didn't have a blog.


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