Sunday, September 09, 2007

Let the Poll Dancing Begin

The problem with preseason polls is that too many voters use them as a template for their ensuing polls. This makes it virtually impossible for a team that starts out low in the polls to ever get a sniff at #1, regardless of what they do in the regular season. (Just ask Boise State from last year or Auburn a few years prior.) Ideally, there wouldn't be any official polls until at least after the first month of the season so that voters could actually see all the teams play some legitimate competition before ordering their rankings.

But since all polls are meaningless at this point anyway, I might as well have one too. Here are my top 10 after two weeks.

1. LSU (2-0)
After the way Virginia Tech and Miami were destroyed this weekend, maybe it was the ACC, not the Pac-10, that Les Miles meant to call soft. LSU should be able to cruise through September, giving their young offense time to mature before their October 6 showdown with Florida.

2. Oklahoma (2-0)
Michael Irvin had to double his order of blow this week to numb the pain of the 51-13 whoopin' Oklahoma put on "Tha U." Oklahoma went 7th floor on his Hurricanes.

3. USC (1-0)
USC might be the most talented team in the country, but they haven't played anyone yet. Next week, they get a chance to prove themselves at Nebraska. John David Booty is going to have to play a lot better vs Nebraska than he did against Idaho if he plans on getting any more women to create ass billboards in his honor.

4. Florida (2-0)
Giving up 31 points to Troy is worrisome, but that's actually adequate as long as their offense continues to average 54 points per game. Tim Tebow is like a bigger, stronger, more accurate and more mobile version of Rex Grossman. In other words, he's nothing like Rex Grossman.

5. West Virginia (2-0)
The Mountaineers looked in danger of possibly losing to Marshall until the Thundering Herd let WVa know that they had no intention of trying to pull of the win by foregoing a shot at the endzone towards the end of the 1st half, and setting up for a field goal instead. From that point on, West Virginia caught fire like a Morgantown couch on gameday. Running back Noel Devine looks like the latest "next Reggie Bush" to hit the college scene, tho he'll likely have to wait until 2008 for his hype machine to get in gear.

6. South Carolina (2-0)
They earned the spot by shutting down Georgia. But I have a feeling the Cocks won't be staying up all that long.

7. Oregon (2-0)
The timing and touch on the passes Dennis Dixon threw Saturday would have been impressive if he was just making them on an empty field with nobody around but he and his receivers. Actually, with Michigan's defense, it's practically the same thing.

8. Texas (2-0)
We can cross TCU's name off the list of candidates for "This year's Boise State." We can cross Boise State off of it too.

9. Louisville (2-0)
I'm crossing my fingers for a Louisville vs Hawaii BCS bowl game in January. It might be the first time that Vegas has set an over/under in the triple digits.

10. Penn State (2-0)
The Nittany Lions might be the best team in Big 10, which this season is kind of like being the best new comedy on Fox.

On the outside, looking in: The other 109 teams in Division I football.

That's just one drunken man's opinion. What's yours?



At Tue Sep 11, 11:19:00 PM PDT , Blogger twins15 said...

I've still got USC #1 based on their talent... but LSU has been pretty freakin' impressive.


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