Monday, September 28, 2009

Jeff Fisher- You Coulda Been A Bum, Instead Of A Fallen Contender, Which Is What You Are

I want to write a recap of Sunday's NFL action. I truly do. But my brain won't allow me because all of its neurons have been permanently stained by this image:

Really, coach? Your team is 0-2 with its season on the line, and that's what you roll out to the sidelines with? That's the look of a leader that's going to direct his team to victory? That looks like the kind of shirt you'd find in the Slightly Defective section of a Tijuana. That looks like something my grandad would wear (minus the pants, of course) while sitting in a recliner with a can of Schlitz in his hand. I don't want to run through a wall for that guy. I'm barely able to motivate myself to listen to his stories in hopes that I can make it in his will. I can't remember anything else about the game or the final score, but I know at first glimpse that the guy in that picture most definitely lost.

I understand that it was a throwback day and choices were limited. And yeah, it's a little strange to wear a throwback to remind a city that you stole their team (are the Ravens going to wear Browns uniforms later this season*?). But still, if that's what the league wants you to do, then how about this look:

Now, that's throwback. Dress like that and you can beat anyone. Well, anyone but the Steelers.

(Jeff Fisher photo credit: Bill Kostroun/AP via

(*joke credit: Adam Rank)

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At Sun Nov 01, 04:51:00 PM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey insomniacs!

But Vince Young won today! And you're right. . . .THAT was throwback! Fo' shizzle, my nizzle!

I'm BixBeiderbecke, and I wrote this comment!

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