Saturday, November 12, 2005

I am a Warrior, bang bang.

I was lucky enough to have courtside seats for tonight's Warriors matchup verse the Knicks. In person, it's even more apparant how much Mike Dunleavy sucks and that the Warriors overpaid for him. My seats were right next to the Warriors bench, which is where Dunleavy spent most of the first half after getting into early foul trouble. The seats were also near the baseline, so I had the added bonus of being next to the Warriors cheerleaders. Or at least so I thought. The Warriors cheerleaders came out for the pregame introductions and then took their rightful spots along the baseline. A mere 3 minutes into the game they all left for the locker room (insert Banana Joe's joke here) and did not reappear until the 2nd quarter! When they showed up in the 2nd, they had new outfits for a dance routine, then as soon as they finished, they went back to the lockers again. Halftime came and went without a cheerleader appearance, as did the entire 3rd quarter. Finally with about 8 minutes to go in the game, the squad re-emerged and sat down at the baseline, where they stayed for the remainder of the game. I know that cheerleaders only make like 15 bux a game, but still, that's ridiculous. The basketball gods will frown upon this. When the Warriors miss out on the playoffs, they'll wish that they had more spirit on the court for their games (they'll also wish they were hotter- but I barely saw enough of them to bother going into their general lack of talent).

As for my NBA bet, the Pistons gave me a scare at the end, but Chauncey Billups was clutch at the line to seal the deal. I'm still looking at the games for tomorrow, but Memphis at Atlanta is an early candidate.


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