Thursday, May 11, 2006


Forget what I said about Baker challenging Bonds. After Niekro hit a double, Bonds was intentionally walked with first base open. Pedro Feliz then made the Cubs pay by driving a ball off the wall. Of course it was only a single because with Bonds' gimpy knees, he was only able to advance to second base on the hit.

Also, you can forget the name Sean Marshall. The way he's going (5 runs in 1/3 inning), it's unlikely he'll even be around when Bonds gets his second AB. (update: The Giants almost bat around and Bonds will be due up 3rd in the bottom of the 2nd- so Marshall still has at least one more chance to get his name in the paper.)

By the way, Fox Bay Area counts the Intentional Walks to Bonds with a chicken dance....which is sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken. Everyone's always finding a way to make a buck. Well, everyone but bloggers that is.


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