Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ring My Bell

For those who only caught the ESPN report on Raja Bell's comments after being suspended for Game 6 of the playoffs, you missed this line from Raja:
"Every time you stick your butt out and try to hit me in my genitals, you’re doing it on purpose. That’s something you don’t do inadvertently and it was enough."

Back that thing up, Kobe. That's a pretty bold strategy on Bryant's part. Just one miscalculation on the thrust, and you'll find yourself attached to the defender. I haven't ordered the Magic Johnson Basketball Camp video yet, but I honestly had no idea that slamming your ass into another dude's nuts was a recognized post move. Luckily, Reggie Evans has the perfect counterstrategy for that tactic.

Bell also told reporters that he had "no respect" for Kobe. I guess it's true what they say. You can ram your ass into another guy's junk for 3 hours, but don't expect him to respect you in the morning.

Wait, I've got more!
-Hey Raja, watch out for those backdoor cuts.
-That's not what coach had in mind when he called for a tight man to man defense.
-As for the next matchup, with Raja Bell suspended, the Suns will opt for a double penetration from Barbosa and Marion in game 6.
-Whatever the towel boy is getting paid, it's not enough.
-Kobe figured if it wasn't illegal in Colorado, it probably wasn't illegal in Phoenix either.

Should be an interesting Game 6. I'm not sure if the game will be on ESPN, TNT, or the Playboy channel.


At Tue Jun 13, 04:47:00 PM PDT , Anonymous raja's number one fan said...

I love raja and he is the best cat in the NBA and I dont care what nobody say and he gets all the respect in the world from me because he is a G. And Kobe was scared tring to brush his shoulders off like it didnt hurt. Yeah right. Plus I'm glad Raja slamed him someone needs to bring Kobe's cocky ass back down to earth. He needs to stop messing with vulnerable people like people shorter than him(Nash) and woman(Colorado chick-you know what I'm talking about). And Kobe tried to say Raja didnt get enough hugs as a child...well Kobe's right, he didnt. He got boxing lessons, something Kobe didnt get because his mom was too busy hugging him making him soft which carried over in adulthood let me remind you. Plus even raja's mom got in Kobe's ass, so you know she a G too. And Kobe aint gone do nothing trust me. Raja told him and the whole world how he felt and let Kobe know he was ready to bang. He didnt need a octagon and all Kobe had to come back with is "Raja didnt get enough hugs as a child". Who say's shit like dat. A Kobe's officially on my shit list. And to top it all off Raja's sexy as all get down. so you know who's side all the ladies are on, if they know good looking when they see it and dont want to get raped.

At Tue Jun 13, 04:48:00 PM PDT , Anonymous insomniac said...

Ok, you've convinced me. You are certainly Raja's #1 fan.

At Thu Jun 15, 06:01:00 PM PDT , Anonymous Raja's Number One Fan said...

Yup, I certainly am Raja's number one and you better belive it. For life baby! I guess not many people come to this website and comment on different things, huh? But if it involves my baby, I'm there. Maybe that's good because if someone was talking bad about him I would have to get in dat ass so...


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