Sunday, May 07, 2006

1 Rd down....6 WEEKS to go!

Somewhere in game 5, the Suns realized that rather than forcing any fast breaks and launching threes, the pick and roll was most effective against the Lakers' defense. So Nash and co. decided to run the pick and roll until the Lakers could stop it. The Lakers never did. It was a great adjustment made by Mike D'Antoni, and it saved his team from 1st round embarassment. That being said, I sure hope the Clippers can do a better job adjusting because watching the pick and roll for 100 plays a night isn't the most exciting basketball in the world.

Some other playoff notes:

-Kwame Brown's nickname should be "The Thing." Not because he's a beast or a superhero, but because his hands are made of stone. He fumbled so many passes during this series that the 49ers have just signed him to a 3 year contract.

-If the Lakers want to improve their chances for next season, Kupchak should get on the phone w/ the league and see if he can trade Smush Parker for a new ballrack. The last two games, he looked like a little kid who'd snuck in to see "Silent Hill." The only silver lining for him is that he didn't actually physically soil himself during the game.

-I don't know who it was, but an ESPN radio announcer said in an update, "The Lakers were hoping for a Sundown, but it's looking like the Lakers are letting the Suns go down on them." Thanks for the imagery. I guess it was no different than a Cavs game.

-I still can't erase the image of Lebron James and Damon Jones making out on the court after Jones' game winner. Save it for the hotel room, fellas.

-I'm torn on who to root for in the Miami/New Jersey series. On one hand, the Heat have the hottest cheerleaders of any team remaining in the playoffs. On the other hand, I don't know how much longer I can listen to fans shake those rattles before I completely flip out.

Quick, meaningless predictions for the next round of the playoffs. Pistons in 5. Suns in 6. Nets in 7. Mavs in 7.


At Mon May 08, 08:15:00 AM PDT , Anonymous Pacifist Viking said...

How many times can a single player (Barbosa) keep going in for easy right-handed layups without getting contested in any meaningful way? It was like watching a middle school game where one guy is faster/taller/better than everybody else and just keeps doing the same thing and nobody could stop him. But it was just Barbosa!

At Mon May 08, 11:45:00 AM PDT , Anonymous The Big Picture said...

good call with kwame and the niners. he'll certainly be giving young alex smith a shot for the starting qb job. if the ball doesn't slip out of kwame's hands, he's got the job.

At Mon May 08, 01:33:00 PM PDT , Anonymous jetsgrumbler said...

watched a little of the game. you would think that kobe has physical abilities to play someone like barbosa one on one and take him out of game.

similarly, you would think kobe could get off more than 4 shots in the 2nd half. thoughts on his disappearance? why isn't this front page (sports) news?

At Mon May 08, 05:49:00 PM PDT , Anonymous insomniac said...

I didn't comment on Kobe's 2nd half disappearance because I made one of my own, having turned off the game near the end of the 3rd quarter. So I don't know if he was being doubled, sitting on the bench, or just pouting for the remainder of the game. I don't think it was front page news because it wouldn't have made a difference on the outcome of the game either way.


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