Thursday, May 25, 2006

If You Can't Take the Heat

I suppose I could write about the great pitch that Kyle Farnsworth threw to David Ortiz with the bases loaded in the 8th to strike him out and kill the Red Sox rally. I could then segue into the effortless job that Mariano Rivera had in closing out the game for the Yankees. Perhaps I could follow it up by wondering who would have thought that the two leaders in saves at this point in the season would be Todd Jones and Jose Valverde. Maybe I could even somehow give a nod to my favorite closer (at least favorite name), JJ Putz- and include all this in a post that praises the players that can come into a game when the pressure is high and "put out the fires" in the late innings. But I think you're all smart enough to realize that it would all be a thinly veiled ploy to have an excuse to post this pic I stumbled across tonight. So forget it. Instead, I'll just put the pic up for your viewing pleasure without any pretense. Enjoy!

(But if you're feeling guilty, then I can tell ya that 'fireman' Billy Wagner got the save against his old team last night. No, not the Astros. His other old team. The Shea crowd gave Wagner a standing ovation for his efforts. Gee, I sure do love someone that can show their appreciation for firemen.)


At Thu May 25, 01:40:00 PM PDT , Anonymous SportsBlah (Greg) said...

Great post. Didn't read a single word. But awesome job.


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