Thursday, May 18, 2006


Day 4 in NY and I still haven't been stabbed. I'd consider this trip a success thus far.

Some things I learned last night:

Reporters die. Producers cry. They wanna be down with the Kiiiiiiiiiing.

The only guarantee that I'd trust from Rasheed Wallace is that he knows where to buy some really good sh*t.

After watching Ben Wallace go 0-7 from the free throw line, including two huge misses in the closing minute, it's time to replace the "hack-a-shaq" defense with the "foul-a-fro." Everytime Wallace has to step to the free throw line, he looks like an elementary school kid who's been forced to give a solo performance in an assembly- and he's forgotten the all the words to his song.

While fouling 50% FT shooter LeBron James on a breakaway with two minutes to go may have saved his team one point, I'm sure the Pistons would have rather had Chauncey Billups available for the last second shot of the game than rooting for Rip Hamilton from the bench.

What happened to all the points the Pistons were scoring under Flip Saunders? I know it's hard to drive when you know that Sideshow Bob is going to flop anytime someone enters the paint; but still, you'd think they'd be able to put a few more baskets together...

I know Steinbrenner has a $200 million payroll to think about and all, but Yankees ticket prices are out of control! $110 bux a pop to see Jaret Wright pitch? The Yankees should be paying me to watch that softball pitcher take the hill.

Dmitri Young's been accused of domestic violence. Sometimes the tree doesn't rise far from the apple.

It's already time to get off the San Jose Sharks bandwagon? Really..ride's over so soon? Gee, that sure was a short trip. Should I just get in line behind the Clippers' fans and see if the Cavs bus will pick me up?

We are all witnesses. Swoosh.


At Fri May 19, 08:49:00 AM PDT , Anonymous jetsgrumbler said...

hey insomniac -- i have been in and out of town this week, but let me know next time you are in NYC. we can grab a beer at ESPN zone, where you can get your USDA daily recommended allowance of cable tv sports.

At Fri May 19, 02:18:00 PM PDT , Anonymous The Big Picture said...

dude, i'm still on the sharks bandwagon...but thinking the edmonton oilers may be the team to jump on now.

At Sat May 20, 07:46:00 AM PDT , Anonymous insomniac said...

Thanks, Grumbler. I could have used some ESPN last night for the Cavs game. Tho I did end up at Sparks Steak House, so I guess I can't really complain.


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