Monday, July 10, 2006

I Sure Do Miss Football

It's amazing how many people I run into here in California that are New England Patriots fans despite being 3500 miles from "their" team. I'm sure if I'd met these same people in 2000, they'd be big Rams fans; or in 1998, wearing an Elway jersey. However today, I'm beginning to see some very valid reasons to jump on that bandwagon. The Patriots cheerleaders revealed that they will be wearing new uniforms this upcoming season-

And if that wasn't enough, the Patriots website has also announced that the 2007 Swimsuit Calendar will be available sometime this August. Here are a few sneak peeks at that:

So tomorrow, I'm going to head out to the mall to buy a #54 Tedy Bruschi jersey- if for no other reason than I need something to hide my erection as I stare at the Patriots' girls.

(btw, larger versions of all these photos are available if you click on them...ya know, if you need a better view of the new neckline on the costumes or sumthin.


At Tue Jul 11, 07:14:00 AM PDT , Anonymous Adam said...

Ahh. Those girls are hot.

At Tue Jul 11, 11:26:00 PM PDT , Anonymous MC said...

I wonder how those uniforms will hold up in the winter. Good thing Flutie retired, a man that short in cold weather could get an eye poked out by one of those women.

At Wed Jul 12, 07:42:00 PM PDT , Anonymous jetsgrumbler said...

so, i followed the link and noticed that the patriots cheerleaders have a tab "junior cheerleaders" so parents can sign their children up for the gig. take a look at the pictures and then ask whether you would push/allow your daughter. (that doesn't mean i don't enjoy the adult cheerleader pics.)

At Wed Jul 12, 09:21:00 PM PDT , Anonymous insomniac said...

My theory is that mothers who push their daughters to cheerleading are either a) former cheerleaders themselves or b) were fat/ugly in high school and are living vicariously through their daughter.

Basically, the same motivations that dads have for pushing their sons into sports.

Regardless, I will freak out if I have a daughter. My only hope is that in 15 years, the trends will have reverted to when I was back in high school and it will be cool for girls to wear layers upon layers of clothing.

At Thu Jul 13, 09:05:00 PM PDT , Anonymous The Big Picture said...

those tits are real. real fucking expensive!


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