Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bruin Dropout Pride

Before Blogger goes offline for maintenance, let me just give a quick congratulations to Allen Cunningham for making the final table at the WSOP main event. Cunningham was an engineering student at UCLA; however he dropped out of school because he was making so much money playing poker that he opted to turn pro as soon as he was 21.

I, on the other hand, spent my college days going on frequent weekend roadtrips from UCLA to Vegas for some sportsbook action, having not yet discovered the joys of poker. Cunningham is a millionaire. I'm still paying off student loans.

But at least I have my diploma.....somewhere around here. I think.


At Thu Aug 10, 10:11:00 AM PDT , Anonymous WBRS Sports Blog said...

We only hear about the ones that dropped out and got rich. I bet there are so many more that dropped out and are bums. Be happy you got a degree.

At Thu Aug 10, 02:38:00 PM PDT , Anonymous The Big Picture said...

i can't go anywhere w/o finding out about the main event. dammit! but nice update, nevertheless.

At Fri Aug 11, 07:04:00 AM PDT , Anonymous Bruingrrl03 said...

I'd rather hear about Bruins who dropped out and got rich or dropped out and are struggling over hearing about another SUC Alumn criminal who beat another rap.

At Fri Aug 11, 11:23:00 PM PDT , Anonymous insomniac said...

How 'bout Bruins who graduated and are struggling?

Click some links, people!!


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