Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Celebrating Our Nation's Heritage

YouTube is such a wonderful gift to the lazy blogger, and I'm in a lazy mood today. So here are a couple of clips that I stumbled upon today that make me proud to be an American. (Tho I'm not proud of the scoring, which I suspect was due to the mannish features of one of the participants.)

I don't know if game shows actually count as sports. But neither does Beverly Hills 90210 and yet that somehow manages to find its way onto a certain sports' blog:

Man, I miss the days when game show hosts were blitzed/stoned out of their mind. Ah, hell, one more piece of Americana:

Let's see Howie Mandel do that!

...As for an actual sports item, I really like the TWolves +7.5 at the Lakers. As much as I like Ronny Turiaf, he's not ready to guard KG. But who is. This is a pivotal pick for me, as with an early record of 2-1, this might be my last day above the .500 mark. I feel like Isiah Thomas after beating the Grizz on opening day.


At Thu Nov 09, 05:07:00 AM PST , Anonymous Critic said...

Mandel is one creepy dude.

At Thu Nov 09, 02:15:00 PM PST , Anonymous WBRS Sports Blog said...

Are you putting some money down on the Wolves tonight?

At Thu Nov 09, 04:26:00 PM PST , Anonymous insomniac said...


Lamar Odom has two free throws with the Lakers up 6 at the end of the game. He hit the first free throw, and I thought I was screwed. Luckily, Lamar must have taken Minn +7.5 too b/c he bricked the 2nd free throw, squeaking out a rare gambling victory for me.

At Thu Nov 09, 04:26:00 PM PST , Anonymous insomniac said...

edit: has=had

typing is hard.


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