Friday, November 03, 2006

The Nightcap

Tonight's Nightcap is just being brought to you by Full Throttle, because I am struggling to keep my eyes open. If this entry fades away into a jumble of letters, you'll know that I've fallen asleep on my keyboard.

-As already mentioned by Charles Barkley and Twins15 of Complete Sports, the new issuance of technical fouls in the NBA is absurd. Tonight it was Carmelo Anthony who was at the mercy of the officials and was tossed early in the 3rd quarter. I can't imagine that it's good for the NBA to have a marquee player sitting in the locker room for half of the game instead of on the court, so I anticipate one of two things to happen very soon. One possibility is that the star system that already exists in the NBA with regards to other whistles- such as palming, walking, touch fouls, etc.- will soon have an influence on technical fouls as well. Veterans (like Sam Cassell) and stars will be able to get away with some jawing and showing of a reaction, while the technical fouls will be reserved for bench players- and Rasheed Wallace. The other, and more likely, scenario is that officials will agree across the board to thicken their skin and only call technicals in extreme situations. In that way, it will be like the high strike in baseball. Home plate umpires always call it in the first few weeks of every season, but by the end of the first month, they've settled back into their old ways. Either way, a change needs to be made; because the way things are being whistled now, the game has no emotion and no flow.

-By the way, how is being genuinely surprised that a foul is called worthy of a technical, but Tim Thomas' lil' waving of the hand over his face after he hits a three isn't? That's an obvious taunting violation preened in front of the entire crowd. Where the hell is the whistle and the T for that BS? (Disclaimer: I am very biased against Tim Thomas. Can't stand the guy. But if anyone started doing that crap with me on a basketball court there's no way he'd go unchallenged.) I just hope he tries that move on Ron Artest on the same day he gets the sales numbers back from his latest CD.)

-The influence of sports on pop culture was on display Thursday night in Louisville. On the sidelines of Papa Johns Stadium, Erin Andrews was sporting a new hair style- the Mike Miller headband! That means it's only a matter of time before we tune in to Sunday Night Football and see Andrea Kramer with the Frohawk.

-By the way, midway through the game, I actually ordered a Papa John's pizza- proving once again that there is noone on the planet more susceptible to advertising than me.

-West Virginia has a player on defense named John Holmes. This led to all sorts of good commentary. My favorite was Kirk Herbstreit complimenting a blocking tight end by saying, "My gosh does he do a good job taking on John Holmes!" Yes Kirk- anyone that can take on a big push from John Holmes and still walk back to the huddle deserves high praise indeed.

-Immediately after Herbstreit made that comment, I found myself ordering some vintage porn, proving once again that...well, that just shows that I like porn.


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