Thursday, November 16, 2006

Should Be Lots of New Listings on Ebay Tomorrow.

For anyone that spent last night camped outside of their local Fry's, Target or Walmart for a PS3, here's a quick recap of the night in sports. (I'm assuming most people who would camp out for a PS3 would also bring a laptop with them.)

Kansas lost at home to Oral Roberts, 78-71. Kansas head coach Bill Self, who used to coach at Oral Roberts, tried to warn the Kansas faithful. He told them that if they didn't contribute $8 million to the Jayhawks athletic fund, God was going to remove them from the AP top 5.

The UCLA Bruins avoided an upset to BYU when they realized that they were playing a team full of small white guys, and it might be a good idea to start guarding against the three point shot.

North Carolina pulled away late from Winthrop, 73-66, after the Eagles cooled off from the field. Tyler Hansbrough led the way with 20 points and 10 rebounds. By the way, contrary to the tales of Fran Fraschilla, I never saw Roy Williams, nor Ben Howland, nor Bill Self deliver an uppercut to the chops of one of his players. Strange, because Fran told me it happened all the time all around the country. I guess Bob Knight must be the only head coach in midseason form.

Top recruit OJ Mayo signed with USC. The deal clincher came when Reggie Bush told him about the great free housing program offered at Southern Cal.

Andrew Walter apologized for criticizing the playbook after the Raiders' loss to Denver last weekend. He then asked head coach Art Shell if he could please have the playbook back..and his locker...and his uniform.

Seeing how much coverage Sportscenter gave to Emmitt Smith after winning Dancing with the Stars last night, I only had one thought. Thank God, OJ Simpson's confessional interview is on Fox and not ABC, lest we be treated to a very special 3 hour edition of Outside the Lines every day leading up to the circus.

By the way, what happened to the good old days when being a ratings whore during sweeps week just meant a week long investigative report asking the question, "Has lingerie gotten too naughty?" I miss those simpler times.

I guess everyone is going lowbrow these days. At this very moment, if you go to, the cover page has a picture of an old man (Dr. Z) with a model, and the headline is "Tough to Swallow."

The LPGA has announced that beginning in 2008, they will implement drug testing on the tour. That's noble and all, but if they really want to increase viewership, they shouldn't be testing for drugs. They should test for body fat. Anyone over 22% should be given a one month suspension and a free trial of TrimSpa.

(Sorry for the lack of a salacious pic here. Blogger isn't cooperating w/ me right now. Hopefully by the late afternoon, I'll have a scantilly clad golfer to the right of this text.)

(Update: has changed the headline to the slightly tamer "Taking a Beating." I knew I should have done a screen capture while it was there.)


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