Monday, January 08, 2007

A Few Costly Days in Front of the TV

I'd like to thank the Dallas defense for stopping the Seahawks' two point conversion attempt and at least salvaging a big bet for me after the Bruins' nightmare. It wasn't enough to bring me back to even (especially after Wazzu upset Arizona), but at least I still have the use of my fingers for another week. But what was Ben Howland doing going for the win in the final seconds while down two points rather than the tie? Didn't he realize that Bruins supporters needed overtime in order for UCLA to have a chance to cover the 2.5 point spread?

On the bright side, I got a text message from Carrie Underwood tonight. It said simply, "I'm available."

Of all the controversial moves that the Cowboys made this season- taking on T.O., signing and cutting Vanderjagt, etc. - the transaction they're regretting most is bringing in Kurt Warner to be their placeholder during the playoffs.

People are going to make Tony Romo out to be the goat of the Cowboys game, but I think that's pretty unfair. Sure, if he'd held on to the snap, the Cowboys would have gone up two with a little over a minute to go. But the way the Dallas secondary was playing, is there really any doubt that afterwards, Seattle would have just driven down the field to set up a game winner for Josh Brown?

Also, I know that this was the first round and not the Super Bowl, but Seahawks' fans are no longer permitted to complain about getting jobbed by the officials. The penalty yardage stats for the game were: Dallas 8-74, Seattle 3-15. Refs were giving away pass interference yardage to Seattle so freely, I thought Jerry Rice must have still been in uniform for the Seahawks.

But hey Cowboys fans- I know you're a little worried that Tony Romo went from being the next Roger Staubach to the latest Alex Smith, but things could be worse. You could root for a team that was locked into Eli Manning as their franchise QB. I had a little money on the Giants (getting 7 points, thank you) and I was cursing him for 60:00 minutes to just make a play. I can't imagine what it must be like to have that guy determining your fate for 16 weeks.

Jeff Garcia led the Eagles on a game winning drive in the closing minutes of their matchup with the Giants; and while I'm sure he enjoyed that, things didn't work out perfectly for Jeff. The Eagles won the game with a field goal which meant that it was David Akers that was getting hugged by all the big burly men instead of him. Plus, the game ran so late that Garcia wasn't able to get home in time to see "You're the One That I Want."

The scent of man-love was ripe along the east coast Sunday, as Jim Nantz and Phil Simms held hands and wept at all of the tenderness on display in Foxboro. Bill Belichick shared a few warm moments on the sidelines with his son (presumably conceived from one of the times he chose to actually have sex with his own wife rather than someone else's), and then he barreled through a photographer in order to hug his former assistant, Eric Mangini. I'm not sure why there was such an army of photographers there to capture two middle aged, overweight men hugging each other. It wasn't really something I needed to see. Watching those two sets of man boobs being held close to each other made me as uncomfortable as a female intern at ESPN being called over by Sean Salisbury to check out his new phone.

By the way, that was a helluva move that Belichick put on the photographer who stood between him and some hot 'Gini action. He grabbed the photographer and tossed him aside like he was a frail woman. Jim Lampley would have been proud.


At Mon Jan 08, 12:17:00 PM PST , Blogger Zach Landres-Schnur said...

still can't get over that last UCLA possession. didn't look like the no. 1 team. and would going to afflalo been to obvious?

At Mon Jan 08, 01:39:00 PM PST , Blogger insomniac said...

I don't mind Howland drawing up an isolation drive w/ an option to kick it out to either Shipp or Afflalo, but the problem was Darren Collison was way too tentative with his drive, so none of the Oregon defenders had to come off their man to help. If Howland had told Collison to look for his own shot first and only kick it out if something opened up, UCLA would have gotten a much better look. But it was so obvious that Collison was only looking to pass that the play never got a chance to develop.

At Wed Jan 10, 10:46:00 AM PST , Anonymous Sanchez said...

"Seahawks' fans are no longer permitted to complain about getting jobbed by the officials"

Lol, so true! But being that they've been moning about it all season, it may have become an addiction that they find hard to break!

Speaking of laying down hard earned dough, I decided, late the other night, to lay down some bucks on the Colts to win the Superbowl. Yes they were offering huge odds (11/1). Yes I did momentarily forget who else is in the AFC side of the playoffs. Ragnamit.


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