Monday, January 01, 2007

Programming Note

Guess who's back? Back again. Shana's back. Tell a friend...

After a bit of a legal battle with the World Poker Tour, the lovely and talented (well, maybe just lovely) Shana Hiatt will return to television tonight as NBC debuts "Poker After Dark," a new late night series featuring poker pros competing in winner take all tournaments.

Unfortunately since it's network tv, Shana won't be able do any of the filthy, acrobatic things she's done in my mind. But the show is airing in the much coveted 2 am slot (eat that, Ron Pompeil) after all of the Skinemax movies have finished for the night. By 2 am, Cindy Brunson on ESPNews usually looks hot to me, so I imagine Shana is going to look like the hottest chick on the planet in my sleep deprived, mildly inebrieted state. I look forward to signing off my nights w/ her before finally crashing a few hours before dawn.


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