Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Get Out of the Garage and Into a Cubicle

If there's anyone on the west coast that loves baseball, is good with numbers, and is looking to get paid, I'd like to pass along this listing on Craigslist to you:

The fastest and most exciting name in Sports is hiring an analyst for the upcoming baseball season. Love sports and want to get into the Sports Media business? Here is your chance. We are a solid company that is growing rapidly and working with all the biggest names in the Sports Media world.

Please include salary requirements.

Abilities Required
• Lifelong passion for Major League Baseball
• Detailed knowledge of current managers and players
• Working knowledge of top minor league prospects
• Extensive undergraduate and/or graduate work in statistics, mathematics and related fields
• Computer modeling (financial, economics, scientific)
• Very comfortable working with spreadsheets and databases

If anyone does want to apply, I'd recommend the Baseball America Prospect Handbook as a good cheat sheet. I might actually send a resume, but it sounds like it's actual work, which as anyone that knows me can attest to, is something I try to avoid.

I wonder who the "fastest and most exciting name in sports" is? It can't be any of the mainstream networks or websites, because they don't care about the minors nor do they really focus on any advanced statistics. I'm at a loss. Part of me wonders if this is actually just a personal ad from Billy Bean.


At Thu Feb 15, 12:14:00 AM PST , Blogger twins15 said...

Bah, too bad I don't live on the west coast... that sounds pretty sweet.


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