Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tyrus Thomas is Dunking for Dollars

I guess when Tyrus Thomas spent his one year at LSU, he had time for an economics class, but never bothered showing up for public relations or communications. When it comes to the all-star game, the NBA might care, but Tyrus Thomas just has his mind on one thing...getting paid:

Perhaps Tyrus Thomas will display more energy and enthusiasm during the slam-dunk contest than he did Monday in discussing his participation.

Asked if he were excited about becoming the first Bull since Scottie Pippen
in 1990 to participate in the event as part of All-Star weekend, Thomas
barely looked up from untying his shoes.

"Not really," Thomas said. "I'm just going to go out there, get my check and
call it a day."

Asked if an opportunity to rub elbows with some of the game's greats could
be beneficial for a rookie, Thomas kept unlacing.

"I'm just into the free money," he said. "That's it. I'll just do whatever
when I get out there."

Thomas makes $3.26 million.

The winner gets $35,000. The runner-up receives $22,500. Third and fourth place are worth $16,125.

It might be a good idea for David Stern to put an arm around Tyrus Thomas and explain to the rookie that the All-Star events are supposed to be for the fans- the same fans that pay his salary. So it might behoove him to slap a smile on his face for a day or two and pretend that he gives a damn.

So far this season, Thomas is averaging 3.5 points per game and 2.7 rebounds. It seems like getting free money is his specialty.

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At Tue Feb 06, 06:35:00 PM PST , Anonymous jason said...

The Bulls have fined Thomas 10K for his comments, which means he will only net $6,125 for finishing fourth. Factor in gambling losses and hookers, suddenly I think it may be more cost-effective for him to withdraw entirely.

At Tue Feb 06, 06:48:00 PM PST , Blogger Zach Landres-Schnur said...

and that's why the NBA is sooo great! ha!

At Wed Feb 07, 10:54:00 AM PST , Blogger McLean Stevenson said...

I don't blame him. Make the money while you can.


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