Tuesday, March 27, 2007

YouTube Tuesday - More Reasons To Mock the French

Tony Parker released his new CD, and showing the same creativity off the court that he has on the court, he named his debut CD "Tony Parker." (I thought "Honey Smacks" would have been a great title, but maybe there were copyright issues.) Here are a couple videos that have already been released in France. They are pretty standard hip hop videos, but have the added wrinkle that you can tell throughout the first video that Tony Parker just isn't quite certain how close he can get to the models without pissing off Eva Longoria.

The second video clearly defines Tony Parker as a baller posing as a hip hop artist, rather than the usual hip hop artist posing as a baller. As far as that goes, I guess I would say that Parker draws similar comparisons to Shaq in that I can't understand what either one is saying- tho with Tony it's because I don't speak French, whereas with Shaq it's because I'm rusty on my mumble-ese.

As this article points out, Tony Parker is hoping to follow the path of another French athlete turned pop star, Yannick Noah. Other than fathering Joakim Naoh, this was Yannick's gift to the people:

Watching that video, it becomes pretty apparent where Joakim got his sweet moves.

If there's any reason to root for Florida in the Final Four, it's for the opportunity to see Noah grind Billy Packer into retirement during the Championship ceremony. It would be kind of a reverse Al McGuire situation (unfortunately I couldn't find the clip of him freaking George Zidek, so this will have to do):

And yes, that is Donovan McNabb making goofy faces in the background.

Ok, that's more than enough vids for today. Not sure how I ended up turning the Lounge into an all-male revue. Sorry about that.



At Tue Mar 27, 10:05:00 AM PDT , Anonymous Sanchez said...

We need more reasons to mock the French?

Thanks for the vids!

At Thu Mar 29, 07:50:00 AM PDT , Blogger Mini Me said...

I still hate the Noah dance.


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