Friday, June 15, 2007

Byron Houston Can Still Ball

It is important for any athlete to find for himself a secondary recreation to satisfy his competitive nature after his playing days are over. Michael Jordan has become an avid golfer. Brad Daugherty has found a love for Nascar. Charles Barkley loves to burn through cash at the tables in Vegas.

Former NBA journeyman and Oklahoma State all-time leading scorer Byron Houston has found his own enjoyment as well: Public masturbation. has the story:

Former Oklahoma State basketball player Byron Houston was arrested for indecent exposure Wednesday after a woman called police and said she saw a man masturbating near Northwest Expressway and Independence Road in Oklahoma City, police said Thursday. Police stopped a car at 5:45 p.m. that matched the woman's description and found Houston in the driver's seat with his shoes off and underwear on the floorboard.

Sure, we've all given ourselves a little stroke to pass the time at a long red light, but you really have to be into masturbating to toss your drawers down to the floorboard. That is committing yourself to the task. But I suppose that's what you'd expect from someone who's been honing his craft for six years. A quick glance at his priors shows that Houston is a pocket pool veteran.

- In September 2001, Houston was arrested after several women reported seeing him masturbating on his balcony.

- In May 2002, he was arrested after he was seen masturbating through a window.

- In August 2002, he was arrested after a woman saw him masturbating in his vehicle.

- In March 2003, he plead guilty to four counts of indecent exposure and was ordered to undergo treatment.

(I guess the treatment only lasts for four years.)

My advice to Mr. Houston? Move out of Oklahoma City. I mean really, once you've bowled ten frames at the local alley, there's really nothing left to do in Ok City other than jerk off, take a nap and repeat the cycle. He's just setting himself up for failure.



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