Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Search For Young Talent Never Ends

With the NBA draft starting in a few hours, it's a little late for me to put a mock draft up. My only prediction is that when everything is over, Arron Afflalo may wish he'd stayed for his senior year at UCLA. If you need more picks, I'm pretty sure you can find one or two mocks somewhere on the internet. One of the more entertaining mocks was posted yesterday by Chad Ford and Bill Simmons on They combined logical picks with some pretty good banter to make for a very enjoyable column. Maybe that's what Simmons needs now to keep things fresh- someone to volley with who will also call him on some of his recycled material.

One of the draft evaluations that stood out to me was this analysis of Greg Oden by Ford:

"Taking Oden is like marrying the girl you don't want to date, but the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with. She's responsible. She looks out for you. She helps you be the best person you can be. She's not hot on the outside. But inside she makes your life worth living."

My first thought was that I hope his wife doesn't read his columns. One also has to wonder if his logic for draft evaluations extends to other areas of his life. Perhaps he'll also scout potential dating prospects for his son:

"Only measured out as a B cup, but with that frame, has the potential to develop into a full C."

"A sexy pick, although real age remains a concern."

"Lacks experience, but shows early signs of promise and is very coachable."

"Very impressive ball handling skills."

"Foreign exchange student, so the data on her is limited, but I'm always intrigued by Czech girls."

"Lacks ideal looks, but is willing to do all the dirty work."

"Drug history and family issues have caused her to already make the rounds with many different suitors, but she might still be attractive for someone looking to fill a need."

"Willingness to take on the double-team is both intriguing and concerning at same time."

"The consensus #1 on campus, but will cost too much to keep for the long haul if you have salary cap issues."

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At Mon May 12, 09:07:00 PM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The two girls at either end are hot. I'd love to see more photos of them lifting up their dresses! YUMMY

At Sat Nov 24, 12:23:00 PM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those two blondes are lovely and so is the brunette, their thigh high pantyhose is comely as well. They should have mooned us by flashing their thongs and rearends instead of their covered vaginas.


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