Friday, April 18, 2008

You Know It's Getting Late When You're Taping Together A Ram's Head

Here's the rally goat/ram that made its way to the Padres dugout as the People Against Goodness and Normalcy (*bonus points if you actually know that reference) did everything they could to put an end to last night's marathon game:

It's a shame the trophy didn't work. Then the "late night ramming" could have enjoyed such other bestial motivators** in baseball lore as the Rally Monkey, the Happy Beaver, and the Cross-Eyed Panda of Good Fortune.

*-bonus points may be indicator that you watch too many late night movies on Starz, Encore, etc.
**- some items on list may have just been bad hallucinations
***- dear god, i need sleep

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At Fri Apr 18, 04:16:00 PM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do these look like the breasts of a forty year old woman?

At Sat Apr 19, 03:05:00 PM PDT , Blogger Michael said...

Muzz, Emil. Emil Muzz.

At Sat Apr 19, 06:56:00 PM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Connie, I'd like you to meet my maternal grandmother Mrs. Grace Mundy. Granny, this is the virgin Connie Swail.

At Mon Apr 21, 12:58:00 PM PDT , Blogger NFL Adam said...


At Tue Apr 22, 11:16:00 PM PDT , Blogger Michael said...

Way to go, Adam. You're a sharp one.


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