Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just a quckie

I gotta hit the road...some quick thoughts before I do...

Becky Hammon has announced that she is filing the paperwork to become a naturalized citizen in Russia, thereby allowing her to play for that country in the Olympics. It's a win-win. Hammon gets to fulfill her dream to play in the olympics and as soon as Hammon becomes a Russian citizen, lesbian groupies everywhere will have the opportunity to be the highest bidder to take Becky home as a mail-order bride.

The Arizona Diamondbacks announced that Randy Johnson will make his debut Monday against the San Francisco Giants as he tries once again to rehab from injury. Initially, the DBacks were going to give him a start in double-A, but then realized he'd be better off building his confidence with the softer lineup fielded by San Francisco.

Brett Farve announced that he would be very tempted to return to the Packers if Aaron Rodgers were to get injured. Geez Brett, why not just put a hit out on the guys life. If I were Aaron, I wouldn't step foot in the state of Wisconsin until September, and be wary of anyone wearing a hunting jacket and a block of cheese on their head.

....More cheap jokes to follow late tonight....


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