Tuesday, April 01, 2008

UCLA Just Keeps On Dancing

The liberating thing about running up credit card debt is that once it gets to a certain level, it really become insignificant if you throw a few hundred more onto it. The card won't realistically be getting paid off in the forseeable future anyway, so why not live a little? And so it was a no-brainer that once I was on the road to Phoenix with some friends that I wasn't going to settle for nosebleed seats. I thought I ended up with a pretty good view, but it was nothing compared to that of the photographer pictured here:

UCLA's basketball team came out focused and ready to put on a show. Their dance team displayed a similar energy and enthusiasm. For pictures of the players, check out my Flickr set. For photos of the dance team, just scroll on down:

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At Tue Apr 01, 07:04:00 PM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is, if these girls played in the tournament, it'd be NO CONTEST!


They have every guy's attention in that arena in those pics. Lol. Hilarious!

Thanks for the pics bud!

At Thu Apr 03, 11:18:00 AM PDT , Blogger Hector said...

You're doing the Lord's work, Sir.

Incidently, the gorgeous blonde one is the SI.com Cheerleader of the Week:


Great gallery!

At Fri Apr 04, 08:27:00 AM PDT , Blogger Mac G said...

What Hector said. Godspeed.

At Tue Apr 08, 07:37:00 PM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. Year after year, they don't disappoint.

Meanwhile, all is apparently not right with their counterparts from Troy:

BTW, auditions for next year's team are on the 20th in Pauley and are open to the public.

But think of the numbers. 75-100 girls audition for 9-12 spots on the dance team. Talk about competition!

At Thu Apr 17, 03:25:00 AM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

imagine my ecstasy to have been at the SI site before finding this luscious combination here.... that blonde in incredible.... i am a face and ass man, but she has some of the best tits ever seen..... those girls have the sweetest/naughty smile i have ever seen......



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