Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ohio State Fans Have Reason To Cheer (Until Early January, At Least)

While everyone else was busy sweating those #5 vs #12 matchups in their brackets, high school phenom quarterback Terrelle Pryor was conducting a press conference in which he finally made the anti-climactic announcement that he would be attending the "University of Ohio State." After months of deliberation, during which Michigan, Penn State, and Oregon had all been pursuing him, Pryor realized that huddled in the warmth of Jim Tressell's sweater vests is where he wants to be.

It's understandable that Pryor took his time in making such an important decision in his career. When you look at all the factors, it really does make sense that he would elect to go to Ohio State. Here are just some of the reasons that Pryor ultimately chose to be a Buckeye:

10. All of Pryor's classes at Jeannette High School qualify for college credit at OSU.

9. The only way a Rich Rodriguez quarterback can make it to the NFL is as a wide receiver.

8. Found it too difficult to maintain focus around the Oregon cheerleaders. He won't have such problems in Columbus.

7. Got Freaked out by Joe Paterno's Friday night invitation to feed off of the blood of the living.

6. Heard there might still be some bottles of Grey Goose leftover in Maurice Clarett's old locker.

5. Ever since he was a little boy, Pryor dreamed of one day losing a big game to an SEC school.

4. There's nothing to do at Penn State other than party, play football, and hook up with coeds....whoops.

3. Not very excited about Mike Belotti's "no ACL, no problem" policy with his quarterbacks.

2. Michigan already has their "high school phenom turned NFL flop" legacy established with Drew Henson.

1. When Kirk Herbstreit holds you close and looks at you with those baby blue eyes, how can you possibly say no?

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