Monday, March 17, 2008

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, March

I'm getting ready to drive back from Phoenix where I spent the last three days watching split squad baseball in spring training. Unfortunately, I also managed to contract a case of walking pneumonia which has me wiped out. I guess $8.00 beers aren't as medicinal as I thought they might be.

Sports bloggers are mandated to write about the NCAA tournament within 24 hours of the brackets being released. So in order to keep my blogging privileges, here are my thoughts on the matchups:

Expect Southern Cal, UNLV, and Miami to experience a bit of culture shock in their opening rounds, as the first two will be landing in Omaha, Nebraska and the Hurricanes will be in Little Rock, Arkansas. Can you imagine the USC Song girls (pictured) in Omaha? (Actually, if you imagine them as farmer's daughters, it's not that hard.) That's got to feel like playing an exhibition in a foreign country. On the plus side, at least their coaches won't have to worry about the players being too distracted. They just need to make sure none of their players injure themselves by using too heavy of balls at the bowling alley.

Cal State Fullerton will also be shipped off to Omaha. But as long as there's a multiplex and an Applebee's, then players will be able to recreate the Fullerton experience.

Not to jinx things, but UCLA has the easiest draw of any of the #1 seeds. This will be the first year in recent memory where anything less than a Final Four appearance will be a disappointment (assuming Mbah a Moute recovers from his ankle anjury). I'm still waiting for SI to send me on assignment to cover their games. Maybe Arash Markazi could call in sick for a few days?

Message to Ashley Judd: if Kentucky happens to lose in the 1st round in Anaheim, I'd be more than happy to buy your floor seats for round two. Or, I could buy you a beer a two to help you feel better about the Wildcats' loss. Or you know what? Screw this tournament- let's just go to Disneyland together.

Here in Tempe, most people have responded to the Sun Devils' perceived snub by hitting up the bars and drinking all night. But that's what they do every night in Tempe, so who knows how they really feel?

Might as well go on the record with some predictions: Oral Roberts finally gets that first round upset they've been seeking by beating a Pittsburgh team that's shot its wad. (Oral Roberts really frowns on shooting your wad). Portland State will have the smallest deficit of any #16 seed, but still won't come close to winning. The Big 10 will do better in the tourney than the SEC. The winner of the #6 USC v #11 Kansas State game will make it to the final four (gotta go out on a limb somewhere.)

Final Four predictions: UCLA, North Carolina, Texas, USC/Kansas St. Winner: Bruins (and yes, I know this contradicts an early prediction of mine.)

Have fun filling out the brackets. Feel free to invite me into any *pools you might be participating in so you can see how little credibility I really have.

(*offer not valid to members of the Neuheisel family.)

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At Mon Mar 17, 03:12:00 PM PDT , Blogger NFL Adam said...

Ha, Cal State Strip Mall. Maybe we should hang out in downtown Fullerton some time. The town actually has a pretty cool atmosphere now, compared to what it was like in the past ... hanging out at TGI Friday's before hitting the Brea Improv.

At Mon Mar 17, 03:13:00 PM PDT , Blogger NFL Adam said...

And get in our pool. (I have the link on my site.)


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