Monday, June 02, 2008

The Insomniac Has Been Sleeping On The Job

Sorry for the lapse on the site. Sometimes I go through these phases where I want to actually get out of the house and be a productive member of society. Weird, I know. Fortunately, it typically only lasts a week or two before I return to my slacker ways. Of course, the result of my absence is that I'll have lost whatever viewers I had and must go about re-establishing a readership.

I feel like the Pittsburgh Pirates. I'm perpetually in rebuilding mode while looking around at everything that has already been built around me. My only hope is that Mark Cuban will buy me out and salvage operations.

Speaking of being productive: if you're stumped for ideas for Fathers Day this card, you may want to consider purchasing a "Good Card" from the Network for Good. Essentially, it's a tax-deductible gift card that can be used to direct cash to the charity of the recipient's choice. There are over a million charities to choose from, however the National Organization of Sickle Cell Prevention and Awareness Foundation is not among them. So if your dad was hoping he could help pay off OJ Mayo's American Express Card, he'll have to wire him money directly. Actually, check that. Mayo doesn't take money directly from individuals. You'll have to contact his advisers to see who his intermediaries are at the the moment.


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