Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3 AM Brainstorming. A Devil Of A Plan.

A little over a week ago, ASU eliminated their cheerleaders (while keeping the dance team) in an effort to streamline the spirit squad and band team. Then Tuesday, the athletic department eliminated men's wrestling, tennis, and swimming because they are sports which do not generate any revenue. Meanwhile, women's water polo is permitted to stick around courtesy of Title IX, despite not generating any revenue itself.

I don't have anything against water polo, per se. It's essentially the west coast's equivalent of lacrosse. But I do think it's time for the girls' sports to start finding a way to produce some of their own income, and I think I have the solution. Next year, the ASU athletic department should comprise the women's water polo team entirely with former ASU cheerleaders! For your benefit, I took two minutes with free software to simulate the results of such a symbiosis:

Throw in some very liberal useage of the underwater cam and the CBS College Sports channel might finally have a program that someone would be willing to watch.


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