Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nightcap: Things Still Look Good For The Celtics

Tonight's nightcap is brought to you by Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide. Today was free cone day at B & J's, which while not as good as free BJ day at Coney's, still provided some much needed relief, given the 90+ degree temperatures here in LA...

The NBA has announced that Kevin Garnett will not face any punishment for his actions during a heated staring contest with Zaza Pachulia, despite shoving official Ed Rush during the incident. The question is: Which conspiracy theory does this inaction from the commissioner's office bolster more- that Stern is intent on sending Boston to the Finals this year, or that Stern was intent on giving the championship to San Antonio last year (by virtue of suspending Diaw and Stoudemire for less grievous behavior)?

There is one thing for certain, which is that David Stern still has a vendetta against Mark Cuban. How else can you explain Stern electing not to suspend Jason Kidd for his foul on Janerro Pargo in game 4? (Although in fairness, the hit Jason put on Pargo was nothing compared to the ones he used to administer to Joumanna, and she always managed to take those in stride.) By keeping Kidd eligible, Stern effectively forced Avery Johnson to play the aging point guard in game 5, thereby assuring that the series would be all but over and Cuban would once again be engaging in the first round walk of shame...

Larry Brown has accepted the position as head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats, meaning both Charlotte and the alma mater of Bobcats' President Michael Jordan- University of North Carolina- are going to be led by former University of Kansas head coaches. Hopefully this is part of a larger trend, and soon, the Carolina Panthers will be coached by current Kansas head coach and mass of humanity, Mark Mangino. That would be a nice change for the organization, as finally all of the "eating out" jokes would refer to someone other than the Carolina cheerleaders...

Mindy McCready said she could not dispute any of the claims made in the NY Daily News which reported that she engaged in a 10 year affair with pitcher Roger Clemens which began when she was only 15. Clemens has responded that Mindy obviously misremembers the events and must have them confused with a Cinemax movie that Roger had discussed with her one evening...

In other baseball-ish news, I'm becoming concerned that my college savings plan of stocking up on Phil Hughes rookie cards was a poor investment strategy (tho unfortunately, not really that much worse than any other US investments these days). Hughes gave up 6 earned runs in 3 2/3 innings Tuesday to push his ERA to an even 9.00. He's about two more bad starts away from joining Gregg Jeffries and Danny Tartabull in my collection of can't miss prospects gone awry. Maybe I should buy some Max Schenzer cards if I want to give the Padres or Dodgers any chance in the west this year?

Finally, Randy Moss says that he intends to start up his own NASCAR team and plans on competing in the 2009 season. Hey Randy- have you ever seen cars race in a circle before? Have you seen cars race in a circle...on weed?

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