Thursday, June 05, 2008

The NBA Playoffs Just Got A Little Less Sexy


The NBA has finally decided to resume playing some games. The Finals begin tonight, and after doing some cursory research, it appears that the Yellowbook All-Access Cam was only a feature for the Western Conference Finals on TNT. As far as I can tell, it won't be used during the Finals on ABC. That's a bummer- not because I ever used the online cam during the games, but I'm going to miss the Yellowbook "wedding" commercial. Here it is if you need a refresher:

I can see getting married, maybe having a few kids. But a tattoo? It's just so...permanent. (R.I.P, Drake Sather).

During a playoffs that tried to convince me that Tyler Perry and Bill Engvall were "very funny," this ad was quite a welcome respite. The oh so sexy bride-to-be is a relatively unknown Mexican model/actress by the name of Blanca Soto. (Coincidentally, she's also one of the bikini cable installers in the DirecTv ad that was prominent during the playoffs.) Unless Yellowbook has also opted to sponsor the Finals, her presence will be greatly diminished over the next few weeks. I find that greatly disappointing. In the meantime, if you were wondering what she looks like out of her wedding dress, here are a few photos of the lovely lady.

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