Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday Mass

A few quick thoughts after today's NFL action:

My game ball goes to Kerry Collins. The Broncos kept trying to give the game away, but you just wouldn't let it happen, Kerry. And for that, my bankroll thanks you.

Shaun Alexander should threaten to hold out right now until the Seahawks sign him to a long term deal. I'm serious. Just let the Seahawks play a game without him and see what happens. The organization has been screwing him for years now and all he does is put the team on his back and win games for them. He already has 15 tds on the year, the fourth year in a row he's reached that mark. What more do they want from him?

Memo to Greg Robinson: Stop blitzing Chris Simms! It's not working. See those guys wearing a pirate flag on their helmet and a number in the 80's on their jersey? They shouldn't be running down the field all by themselves. Give your DBs a chance.

Stat of the Day: Steelers WR Antwaan Randle-El had more passing yards than Cody Pickett, Tommy Maddox, and Kelly Holcomb.

Eli Manning- You need to stop playing the "I'm still young...I've got a lot to learn" card. You are the quarterback for a playoff contending team. If you want to keep that status, you need to start being a leader now. Otherwise, you can go sit at the kiddie table w/ David Carr, Joey Harrington and all the other first round flops that were unable to assume the responsibilities of being a franchise QB.

Gus Frerotte had 360 yards passing against the New England secondary. Gus Frerotte! Does anyone know where I can send Belichick film of my days as a DB for my intramural flag football team? Maybe I can help out in a dime situation?

Michael Vick's mandate for reporters to stop criticizing him has been lifted after 7 days. Way to go Mike. You were only 9 points away from knocking off the team with the worst record in the NFC, at your home no less. I'm sorry anyone ever doubted your abilities.

So now the Texans have the pole position for the first overall pick in the draft. Yes, I'm already starting to think about the 2006 draft So I'll start the rumor now: The Texans will decide to stick with Carr and will trade the #1 pick to the Titans who will draft Leinart to be reunited with Norman Chow.

Have you seen the Domino's commercial where the guy does the Monday Night Fooball music into the phone as his way of ordering the Steak Fanatic Pizza? How annoying would this guy be if you were standing in your little 10x12 Dominos branch trying to take his order? I'm pretty sure he's getting that delivered with a loogie as a bonus topping.

Over/Under on times Terrell Owens is mentioned on Monday Night Football tomorrow: 1,451.5


At Mon Nov 14, 09:42:00 PM PST , Blogger Greg said...

I'm not sure I understand Houston sticking with David Carr. He bloooooows. Of course the OL deserves much of the credit. But I don't think Leinart is going to be a good pro QB either. He'll experience some massive culture shock when he goes from being the man in L.A., plowing every woman within 10 feet, to holding Trent Dilfer's jock in Cleveland. In fact, if you think about it, Houston, GB and the 49ers all have their young QB's of the future. Leinart could be in for an Aaron Rogers-type slip. But then again, what do I know?

(By the way, nice site.)

At Mon Nov 14, 10:57:00 PM PST , Blogger insomniac said...

Glad to hear that you like the site. I agree with your assessment of both Leinart and Carr. But I think Houston realizes they need a lot more than one player to get better, so I think they look to trade down.

I think Charlie Frye already has laid claim to position of Trent Dilfer's jock holder, so I think Leinart will go elsewhere. I agree that Leinart will be a mediocre pro as well. It's easy to put up the numbers he does when the defense has to focus on Reggie Bush and LenDale White and can't put any pressure on the QB. That being said, Leinart is still the top QB prospect in the draft, and there are a lot of bad teams that don't know who their QB of the future will be (Arizona, Tenn, and Miami, New Orleans..maybe even the Jets and Ravens). I think the Texans should find a suitor among this group. Unless Tennessee decides Billy Volek is their guy (and I think he's a free agent anyway), I see the Titans being the best fit for Leinart because of the Chow connection. Of course, it's pure speculation.


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