Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Where's My Primoz Brezec Jersey?

Now that I have a two game NBA winning streak to push my record all the way up to 9-15-1, I'm feeling invincible. To test my new found immortality, I will now attempt to win money by betting on two of the worst teams in the NBA. Today's picks:

New Orleans +8 at Denver. Carmello Anthony is hopefully missing the game with a high ankle sprain. Of course this might actually backfire on me as now the motion of the Denver offense won't come to a complete stop everytime he touches the ball. The Nuggets also have both Camby and KMart playing, but that will be countered by last year's MVP finalist, P.J. Brown. Chris Paul against Andre Miller is a matchup that favors the Hornets. Dammit, even as I type this, I can't convince myself it was a good bet. Too bad my sportsbook doesn't have an "undo" function.

Charlotte +7 at Seattle. The Kings have lost 3 in a row to the Hornets, Lakers, and Jazz. Ray Allen has redefined the meaning of a Contract Year player, and there is speculation that the Sonics are intentionally sabotaging Vladimir Radmanovic now that he's in a contract year. That's just not a team I'm comfortable laying 7 points with, no matter who they're playing. The Hornets don't win a lot, but they play hard every game, which is a foreign concept to the Sonics. If he doesn't get into foul trouble, Brevin Knight should be able to harass and frighten Ridnour into some turnovers. When Ridnour was in college, he allegedly carried/dribbled a basketball with him wherever he went. But I'm sure if ever ran into Brevin Knight in a dark alley, he'd surrender the ball and his wallet. Okafer and Brezec against Collison and Reggie Evans should go the Hornets way. I'd like to be bold enough to predict the upset, but a six point loss will suit me just fine.

...And just so I have some money on a good team, I'm also teasing Duke -1 at Indiana and over 146.


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