Sunday, November 20, 2005

Parity schmarity

Notes from a day wasted...

I was wrong about the Ravens. Nobody is so bad that even Tommy Maddox can beat them. If Cowher can't get Mr. Miyogi to work on Roethlisberger's knee, he may just have to line up Antwaan Randle-El at QB next week.

Reason #1 to have your sportsbook on speed dial: You never know where you might be when you hear the phrase, "Dolphins to start Sage Rosenfels at QB."

Saints get a garbage time Field Goal to beat the spread and win my bet. I love the garbage time score. Ten minutes later, the Titans get a garbage time touchdown to beat the spread and kill my bet. I freakin' hate the garbage time score.

Welcome back to earth, Redskins' fans. I hope you enjoyed your trip.

I don't know how Tampa Bay has suddenly become a scoring machine with Jake Busey at QB, but I do know you can expect a few "Jon Gruden is a genius" pieces on ESPN, NFL network, and HBO this week.

Any young QB that wants to learn how to look off a safety should study game film of Drew Brees. Brees has turned it into an artform. It must be a great feeling to be a receiver for the Chargers and know that if you beat the cornerback, Brees will take care of the safety for you.

Chargers may have to run the table to make the playoffs, and they're playing like that's what they're prepared to do. Of course, there should be some tempering of enthusiasm since it is just the Bills. If you beat destroy a 10 year old at chess, it doesn't mean your ready to start searching for Bobby Fischer.

Chris Berman has said one thing that I agree with during his career. The Chargers' throwback powder blues are the best unis in the league, bar none.

It's pretty apparant that there are seven teams competing for six playoff spots in the AFC. And looking at the schedules, most of these teams have a pretty easy road the rest of the way. There might be a team in the AFC that goes 11-5 and misses the playoffs.

My latest sports' pet peeve: When a team does something good, and the announcer responds with, "That's what makes this team so good." Thanks for the insight.

The fact that I lost money on a day when Denver and the Chargers had predictable beat down victories and the Bengals and Colts combined for over 80 points is inexcusable. My sportsbook account should be closed and all the money given away to strippers putting themselves through college.


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